Strapped to their 44-foot rescue boat and hanging on as the small but mighty vessel takes on another huge Lake Michigan wave, Ludington Coast Guardsmen head into the teeth of a storm.

If it were to capsize, the boat is designed to right itself within 15 seconds and forge ahead. Crews purposely go out to train in such weather conditions in order to be able to safely and successfully aid mariners in distress in similar wind and seas. 

As a Coast Guard Reservist, I served as a “coxswain” or captain of this incredible vessel, 44345, for more than 25 years. Oh to have been able to take photographs during some of those boat rides!

I scrambled part way out the Ludington north breakwall to take this off-duty photograph. I think it speaks volumes and will always be one of my favorite photographs, especially because I like to think of 44345 as a best friend, one that never has failed me and never will.

To The Rescue


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