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  • Free in-store pickup!

    Posted On 05/02/2024 By Todd and Brad Reed Photography

    If you are interested in Free in-store pickup instead of paying a shipping fee - please call our gallery to place your order at 231-843-0777.

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  • "God's Light"

    Posted On 11/03/2020 By Todd Reed

    "God's Light"

    God’s Light            Third place overall in Nikon International Photography Contest in 1998This is, as I look back at my first 50 years as a photographer, the best photograph I have ever made. That lightning bolt still explodes in my mind’s eye nearly a quarter-century after it lit up the night on Sept. 27, 1997. At least once more in my lifetime I would like the privilege of photographing a moment as power-packed as this one. I was as charged as the air about me as an enormous storm cloud fired lightning bolts faster than a giant Gattling gun and swept across Lake...

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  • Nature Photography Day

    Posted On 06/15/2020 By Todd Reed

    Each year, June 15 is designated Nature Photography Day by the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) to promote the enjoyment of nature photography, and to explain how images are used to advance the cause of conservation and protect plants, wildlife and landscapes both locally and globally. With that in mind, as a NANPA member, I set out this morning to explore one of my favorite spots on earth, the 200 acres of diverse land and water along the Pere Marquette River our family owns and has placed in conservancy so it will remain a beautiful, natural place for...

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  • First Snow

    Posted On 06/12/2020 By Todd Reed

    This remains one of the most priceless moments I have ever captured with a camera. On an unseasonably cold October day, I saw a flock of sheep marching single-file across a field. I sought permission from Bernal Burke, to venture into his Carr Settlement fields. I arrived where the sheep were heading with just enough time to set up my camera. The lead sheep turned sideways, and the next sheep in line followed his lead, setting up a barricade to protect the flock. As they maneuvered, huge snowflakes began to fall. It was the first snow of the season and the lead sheep did not appear...

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  • Article by Todd and Brad Reed, Published in Outdoor Photographer Magazine - October, 2016

    Posted On 05/20/2020 By Todd and Brad Reed

    Picture the most vibrant Kodachrome slide you have ever seen. Now imagine looking down from a mountaintop at tens of thousands of treetops as vibrant and far more moving than that slide. That is one of many bucket-list-quality, super-real autumn views we have experienced in our home state of Michigan. Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park at the west end of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is a photographer’s paradise because of that birds-eye view and an exhausting supply of other autumn forest, river, waterfall and Great Lake photography opportunities. Michigan abounds with fall...

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