Todd and Brad Reed NFTsTodd and Brad Reed NFTs
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We have been working hard to build our first three NFTs,
and now we have them for sale at this link.

Todd and Brad Reed NFTsNobody has ever seen these three photographs! They are new releases from us. The only way any of these three images will ever be available is as an individual NFT. If you are not sure what an NFT is, don't feel badly. A lot of people have never heard of an NFT or know much about them. If you just Google "What is an NFT" you will find lots of great articles explaining them.

Brad's NFT "Stones Away" was photographed on October 1, 2014. It was the same day he captured his best selling photograph "Exhilarating" that many of you have already seen and purchased. This new NFT shows more of the colorful rocks under the water at 12 Mile Beach in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore along the Lake Superior shoreline.

Todd's NFT "Peace In The Storm" was photographed on October 31, 2014. That was a very windy, stormy day in Ludington and Lake Michigan was angry. What made this day so special was the magic storm light that appeared for a few fleeting minutes. Todd was able to capture the power and beauty of the gales that day in this beautiful image that nobody has ever seen before.

Todd and Brad Reed NFTsRachel's NFT "Love Meets Happiness" was photographed on June 12, 2014. Rachel has always had a deep love for Lake Michigan and she is often happiest when she is at the lakeshore with a camera in her hand and at least knee deep in the water capturing a colorful sunset. Rachel was a few feet out in the water at the Ludington State Park when she made this never before seen tranquil image.

If you have a passion for collecting fine art and love supporting artists that you know, these three NFTs are the perfect fit.

We hope all of you are having an excellent start to spring. We are looking forward to a busy spring and summer in our downtown Ludington gallery. Our in-person photography workshops are filling up quickly. To read about all of our workshops and to sign up to attend one, visit our Workshops page.

Brad, Todd, Rachel, Karen, Lucas, and all of Team Reed

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