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Limited Edition Package & Book for Todd Reed: 50 Years Seeing Michigan Through a Lens 

Package Description:

Explore 50 years of Michigan’s beauty in this uniquely showcased photography art book by Todd Reed - first through his eyes as a highly acclaimed photojournalist, then as a distinguished Coast Guardsman, and since 1975 as one of Michigan’s best-known award-winning outdoor photographers. Travel along with Todd as he recalls stories and recollections of family and friends as he worked four careers simultaneously to eventually attain his goal as a full-time photographer and gallery owner. Discover Michigan’s four seasons as he displays his favorite scenes from across our great state and invites you to share in his memories. 

Todd Reed has been photographing Michigan for 50 years and is considered by many to be one of the best landscape photographers in the United States. To commemorate that wonderful milestone, Todd and his team have published a large format, high end, hard cover coffee table book that highlights many aspects of his life and professions.

The Book.

The international award winning retrospective book is 12 inches square, 

features 370 photographs and is 386 pages. The book includes a few old family photos from when Todd was young. It also has several images from Todd’s 23 years as a photojournalist at the Ludington Daily News. Of course, the book includes hundreds of Todd’s best-selling Michigan images of all time, along with new, longer stories behind those timeless favorites. In addition, Todd was very busy making new photographs his 50th year, and the book showcases 68 of his best images from 2020.

We have printed 3,000 copies of Todd’s new book and he has hand signed all of them. Remember, Todd is always willing to write a personal note to whoever the limited edition package is for. 

Whether you are a longtime fan of Todd’s work, or you have recently discovered his talents, Todd Reed: 50 Years Seeing Michigan Through a Lens will become a personal treasure for anyone! 

24" Framed Custom Print. (see above)

For the first time in his career, Todd has decided to sell a limited edition numbered print. NEOWISE Over Ludington is a photo Todd captured on July 16, 2020 of the comet NEOWISE as it streaked across the twilight sky over the Ludington North Breakwater Light. Nobody has seen this image until now, and it will never be printed or released again in any format. Rob Randle, from Timeless Picture Framing, has custom framed 120 of the 16x24 inch traditional prints that Todd and his team have printed at their downtown Ludington gallery. Each print is hand signed and numbered. Museum glass and high quality blue molding set Todd’s image off. The story of how Todd captured this newest masterpiece is beautifully included on the back of the framed image. The only way to get this collectable piece, that is sure to increase greatly in value over time, is to purchase the entire Limited Edition Package for Todd Reed: 50 Years Seeing Michigan Through a Lens.

Custom Made Commemorative Book Box

Made with the same Brillianta cloth that is on the spine of the book, paired with a beautiful gold interior and foil debossing text on the front, this commemorative archival book box is a great way to protect your keepsake book. We hope that you find a spot in your living room for this wonderful book so that you may share it with family and friends all year long.

Commemorative YETI Tumbler. (see above)

Another exciting new item that Team Reed is offering with the Limited Edition Package is a 20 oz. YETI stainless steel tumbler. As many people have discovered, YETI is the industry standard for quality and durability. Todd and his team have partnered with YETI to design a beautiful navy colored tumbler and lid. Todd’s most famous image “God’s Light” is on one side of the tumbler along with his signature, while the Todd & Brad Reed Photography logo is on the opposite side. Only 120 of this particular design will ever be produced, and the only way to get one is to purchase the Limited Edition Package of Todd Reed: 50 Years Seeing Michigan Through a Lens.

Commemorative Ornament. (see above)

The festive piece of the Limited Edition Package is a new double-sided Christmas ornament in the shape of a camera. One side of the ornament features Todd’s iconic image “Windswept” along with the words “Ludington, MI” at the bottom. The reverse side showcases Todd’s favorite storm photo “White Squall” and his signature at the bottom. The ornaments are roughly 2.5 inches tall by 3 inches wide, and they come with a gold cord for hanging. Again, only 120 of this particular design will ever be produced, and the only way to get one is to purchase the Limited Edition Package of Todd Reed: 50 Years Seeing Michigan Through a Lens.

Retail Value.

The total retail value for these five unique items included in the Limited Edition Package of Todd Reed: 50 Years Seeing Michigan Through a Lens is $2,900, but we have a special offer for you! 

Team Reed is offering a discounted tiered pricing structure for the Limited Edition Package. The first 30 packages out of 120 have already been purchased! They sold for $1,100 each. That was a $1,800 savings! Packages 31-60 will be $1,175. That is still a savings of $1,725. Packages 61-90 will be $1,250 and packages 91-120 will be $1,325. Another perk of buying the book through the Limited Edition Package is free shipping. All five items in the Limited Edition Package will be shipped for free and make a special heirloom gift that captures Michigan’s beauty like only Todd Reed can.

Team Reed is proud to have teamed up with Lake FX Media, another Ludington based company, to produce a full feature documentary on the photographic life of Todd Reed. Look for more information and details on this exciting project by June of 2021. To view pieces of this documentary, visit the following links:

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Limited Edition Package Todd Reed: 50 Years Seeing Michigan Through a Lens

Limited Edition Package.

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