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Todd Reed\'s Day 22 of 365 - January 22, 2010
Todd Reed's Day 22 of 365 - Panoramic
"He is risen!" That familiar Christian declaration of faith in Jesus as savior comes to mind as I line up the sun with the cross marking the long-recognized death site of missionary explorer Pere Jacques Marquette. According to the Jesuits, Father Marquette died on May 18, 1675, near this spot between Pere Marquette Lake and Lake Michigan. F13.0 at 1/8000, ISO 100, 500 mm lens with 1.4 extender at 700 mm
Todd Reed\'s Day 24 of 365
Todd Reed's Day 24 of 365 - Panoramic
I love the view of Lake Michigan as you crest the hill leading to the Buttersville Peninsula. Today it is spectacular. As I compose this shot I am reminded of many Coast Guard boat rides on days like this. I can almost hear my former shipmate, Chief Doug Lee, smiling and declaring on the wildest of those rides: "Gotta love it, boys!" F3.2 at 1/200, ISO 100, 300 mm lens at 300 mm
Todd Reed\'s Day 27 of 365
Todd Reed's Day 27 of 365 - Panoramic
Brad and I like to say, "Clouds are your friends." I certainly like the clouds and God beams this evening along the Lake Michigan shoreline. The wind-chill is below zero so I concentrate on the ever-changing beauty of the clouds, looking for the peak moment. This moment feels best; click. F2.8 at 1/400, ISO 100, 80-200 mm lens at 80 mm
Cotton Candy - Panoramic
Cotton Candy - Panoramic
Cotton Candy - Panoramic
Todd Reed\'s Day 31 of 365
Todd Reed's Day 31 of 365 - Panoramic
Brad and I have learned that winter is one of the best times of the year to photograph sunsets. I am savoring this Lake Michigan sunset on a brisk evening on the Buttersville peninsula. F2.8 at 1/200, ISO 400, 80-200 mm lens at 200 mm
Todd Reed's Day 171 of 365 - Panoramic
One of the most radiant sunsets of the year greets me as I take a hike while my wife and her study buddies continue to study for yet another in a long line of nursing tests. This view of Ludington harbor is from atop a sand dune near my home at Crosswinds. F5.6 at 1/250, ISO 100, 80-200 mm lens at 92 mm
Todd Reed\'s Day 205 of 365
Todd Reed's Day 205 of 365 - Panoramic
After I wait an hour for a break in the clouds, magic light falls upon the beach and beach house at Ludington State Park. Time to shoot! F22.0 at 1/6, ISO 200, 12-24 mm lens at 24 mm
Todd Reed\'s Day 242 of 365
Todd Reed's Day 242 of 365 - Panoramic
The light is blazing along the Lake Michigan shoreline tonight. I quickly line up some dune grass and the sun in a way that gives me the feeling that the sun is a big ball rolling down hill. F4.0 at 1/6400, ISO 800, 500 mm lens at 500 mm
Todd Reed\'s Day 289 of 365
Todd Reed's Day 289 of 365 - Panoramic
We teach our photography workshop students to look for saturated fall colors in the reflections of leaves on the water. I am taking my own advice on a pond along Pere Marquette Highway. F3.2 at 1/320, ISO 200, 80-200 mm lens at 200 mm
Todd Reed\'s Day 305 of 365
Todd Reed's Day 305 of 365 - Panoramic
Morning glory! Frost-coated swamp grasses turn to gold as the sun rises over the Pere Marquette River. What a way to wake up to the first day of November. F6.3 at 1/125, ISO 400, 12-24 mm lens at 12 mm
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