After visiting, and eating a wonderful dinner with Betsy, Sean, Aiden, Julia, and Ethan at the Sierra Sands Family Lodge in Silver Lake, Rachel and I headed to Little Point Sable Lighthouse to try and photograph the Comet Neowise. Shortly after the beautiful sunset, Comet Neowise, which won’t be visible again for almost 7,000 years, was visible to the naked eye in the northwest sky. With our Sigma 60-600mm lenses and steady tripods, we were able to capture images of the comet. Nikon D850. F5.6 at 2.5 seconds, ISO 1600. 60-600mm lens at 320mm. On a tripod without a flash. July 13, 2020 at 10:39pm.

Brad Reed's Day 195 of 366 - July 13, 2020


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