Picture Perfect Weekend Workshop

Picture Perfect Weekend Workshop2020 Workshops Cancelled due to Covid-19 

At The Lamplighter Bed & Breakfast in Ludington, Michigan

Mission Statement for Workshop

Picture Perfect Weekend WorkshopYou are all shooting great photos that you are happy with and proud of. The goal of this workshop is to give you the knowledge to be more consistent in hitting home run photographs every time you take your camera out of the bag.

There are two parts to making an image, the technical side, and the artistic side. In one weekend, we will spend time teaching and helping you understand BOTH parts to making a great image, so you are more confident next time you’re ready to capture your home run image.

We will spend a lot of time helping you understand how to operate your camera on FULL MANUAL. To do this, we will cover the technical aspects of photography; this will include F-stops, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, depth of field, lens choice, etc.

Two people can be standing right next to each other, seeing the same scene in front of them, and in their head, they’ve made two very different images. Maybe you want to show the motion in the waves of Lake Michigan, having them be a blur in your image, while your friend would like to stop that motion, resulting in the waves being crisp and sharp. Because of this, we will teach people how to make better and quicker choices with their own cameras, to get the image they are feeling when they click the shutter button.

Picture Perfect Weekend WorkshopThe second part of the workshop will also focus on the art/vision side of photography and provide you with more choices/building blocks to create great art.  For the 20/20 Vision portion of the workshop, we teach the 20 concepts we use everyday when building our own compositions.

Picture Perfect Weekend WorkshopOne thing we stress is that we build photographs, we don't take photographs.

Before we click the shutter, we are thinking technically and artistically, to build the photograph in our head. Once we get an idea of the final image, we start setting up our tripod and begin building and composing the image. We then are able to click the shutter and see the image in our head come to life.

We will help the most experienced shooters along with total beginners become more efficient and effective in building strong compositions.

The weekend workshops are great for a total beginner with a new camera or a seasoned professional who is looking for a different perspective.  All ages and abilities are welcomed.

We will share all of our secrets on every aspect of our photography business and our secrets on how we shoot.

Picture Perfect Weekend WorkshopWe prefer you have a digital SLR. If you don’t, please have a camera that can be shot on full manual mode so you can change the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. “Point and shoot” cameras and cell phone cameras are not recommended, as you will be limited in what manual options are available to you.

By attending this workshop, you are eligible to attend all of the other advanced workshop options.

Picture Perfect Weekend WorkshopThe price of the Picture Perfect Weekend Workshops, including food and refreshments is $450. Lodging is not included. The Lamplighter Bed & Breakfast is pleased to offer a reduced room rate to all students attending Todd & Brad Reed's workshops.

To learn more about the rooms and space at The Lamplighter Bed & Breakfast, please visit www.ludington-michigan.com. For all inquiries or to reserve your stay at the Lamplighter, please contact Dan and Jen directly at 231-843-9792.

 In an effort to make the space available only to students, rooms have been blocked online.

All registration and reservations are made through Todd and Brad Reed Photography. Please phone the Gallery at (231) 843-0777 to reserve your spot today. Payment is taken at the time of registration, 50% of which is nonrefundable. Cancellations must be made 30 days in advance of the workshop weekend to receive a 50% refund.

Each workshop is limited to the first 10 people to sign up and must have a 7-person minimum. This 7-person minimum must be reached two weeks prior to the workshop date.

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