Build Your Own Book Workshop

Build Your Own Book Workshop2021 Workshops Cancelled due to Covid-19 

"Build Your Own Book Workshop at the Porcupine Mountains” by Todd and Brad Reed

2020 Dates, Five Days/Four Nights: Monday, October 5th at 4pm through Friday,October 9th at 12pm Noon

Build Your Own Book Workshop** It is required that you first take the non-advanced Picture Perfect Weekend Workshop with Todd and Brad Reed at the Lamplighter Bed & Breakfast before you can sign up for the Build Your Own Book Workshop.**

The Porcupine Mountains create a more challenging environment than most of our other workshops. It involves a lot more hiking and climbing on very steep, slippery rock. Quite a few of the trails may be muddy from rain or waterfall action. We ask that you know your limitations and capabilities before signing up for this workshop.

Come join the father and son photography team of Todd and Brad Reed at a photography workshop at the Lake of the Clouds and the Presque Isle River in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Todd and Brad will take you into the beautiful Porcupine Mountains State Park and Bond Falls to help focus your vision on creating storytelling images that speak to YOUR heart.

Build Your Own Book WorkshopThe Reeds will guide you through their steps in choosing imagery and designing their own award winning books.

Build Your Own Book WorkshopOn Thursday of the workshop, each workshop student will gather their best images from the workshop shoots and will spend 2 hours of one-on-one time with Todd and Brad. During this time, the three of you will sit down at the Reed’s computer and they will help you choose your images and layout your own personal "Snapfish" type book. These books will be shipped directly to you once they are produced, roughly 4 weeks after the workshop.

Price: $2,500 for this special 5 day/4-night class. Workshop price covers lodging (each student has their own hotel room), instructional fees, picnic lunches out in the field and cost of the book and shipping. Students are responsible for their own transportation and remaining meals.

Non-participating attendees can also attend the workshop for an additional $200 charge. Their picnic lunches would be covered. These attendees are welcome along on any shooting adventures during the workshop. If they plan on shooting their own photographs, then we ask they be one of the 5 paying workshop students. Build Your Own Book WorkshopWe also ask that the classroom portions in the conference center be limited to registered workshop students. The last day we will all share photos made during this workshop, at this point, non-participants are welcome to join all of us in viewing these images.

Build Your Own Book WorkshopLodging: AMERICINN SILVER CITY, Ontonagon, Michigan. We have already reserved all the rooms so you don’t have to worry about that, but you can check out the amenities at this link.

All registration and reservations are made through Todd and Brad Reed Photography. Please phone the Gallery at (231) 843-0777 to reserve your spot today. Payment in full is taken at the time of registration. The $2,500 is non-refundable except for extreme circumstances.

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